Friday, November 2, 2007

A Beautiful Beginning

Mr. and Mrs. Hornung

July 1st, 2006

Our wedding day was beautiful no rain and picture perfect!

I love this one

My family at the reception. Brother Shawn, Dad Paul and Mom Sue

Always thinking of you Jeanine i love you!

Two handsome men!

Adams family Mom Jervae, Sister Abby and Dad Mike

His brother Reed is serving a mission for our church in Jamacia, we missed you Boy!

Adams Best man and friend Lewis

My best friend Amanda Jamison I love you girl!

The perfect dress shot

This is Adams favorite picture. The mail truck reminds us of his grandpa Denny a former mail man.

The Daddy Daughter Dance, it was hard to get through
I love you Daddy!!

Our dance!

It was perfect I love you Adam

Cut the cake

And we're off...Happy Honeymooning!!!!

This is for my friends in Kentucky, a shout out!!! So i am finally starting my blog and yes its about time. I had to start at the beginning and the wedding is a perfect start. Its fun to look back at pictures and remember that day. The support and love from our family was amazing and the day couldn't have gone smoother. I love this man and he is my Eternal companion and he is mine forever, it truly was a Beautiful Beginning!