Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome Home BOY

After serving a mission in Jamaica for two years, Reed finally returned home Wednesday evening to a very eager family. I was very excited to see Reed again so much has happened since he left. Adam and i had were engaged and a month later we took Reed to the MTC. Now Adam and i are married and have our little Sadie Marie. We missed Reed and are glad to have him HoME again. We are all proud of you Boy.

Sleeping was out of the question for the Hornung family...needless to say i stayed up till 2 in the morning to make this "Welcome Home Reed" sign. The bottom one is of the Jamaican Flag, i thought it would be a nice Surprise for him! i only went to bed at 2 because i ran out of paint! I almost made a Wal-Mart run, but decided that would be stupid and a little EXTREME!

Hope you liked it Reed?

We had to wake Sadie up when it was getting close to the time when Reed would arrive. She was very sleepy and was cuddling with daddy. He loved it and takes it whenever he can! She looks so CUTE!

Sadie loved the airport, she watched all the people coming in and out and i think she could feel the excitement in the air!

Abby was also up all night long, we had a late night conversation over text message! It is so funny how excited we were and a little CRAZY. The day Reed came everyone was so Tired we are still catching up on Sleep!

Reed absolutely ADORED Sadie Marie. It was fun to see him see her for the first time!

I LoVE this picture of Uncle Reeder and Sadie! She finally met her other Uncle and LoVEs having him home.

Welcome Home Reed...You looked good by that sign boy!

A shot of the family his parents and Gam

Spring Hasn't Sprung

Today is the first day of SpRINg and let just say in Minnesota, it hasn't SpRUNg! We woke up this morning to snow maybe 3 inches of it! The first week of March and it was still below zero, I wanted to DIE! So we made the best of it because it had warmed up a little today and we decided to take Sadie outside and experience SnOW for the first time. Now it wasn't crazy SnOW like in Kentucky last week but just enough for Sadie to test it out. I don't think she knew what was going on and why her face was getting wet or why it was so so bright outside! But we got some cute pictures and she loved all the attention.

EnJOy these shots of Sadie's First SnOW!

This is Adams Hat and Scarf we couldn't resist putting it on our little bug and she looked so cute in it.
I think there's a hidden smile in that one!
Oops! Wheres Sadie? i LoVE this one he looks so cute with our little girl!

Eat it Sadie! She loves to put everything in her mouth these days. Its fun to see her change with everyday.

There's a SMilE for the camera

Sadie's First SnOW!!!

We put her down on my coat we didn't have a water Prof snow outfit for her, we didn't want her to get wet.

Sadie with Mom and Dad! Of coarse Adams in a short sleeve shirt in 30 degree weather. You're CrAZy Adam but we LoVE you!

All Warmed Up! After maybe 5 min in the SnOW i knew Sadie had enough she was hungry and ready to go back inside. Enough snow for one day. The month of March is the snowiest month that's what i there will be many more SnOW days to come!

For all you that get to enjoy the SpRINg today. enjoy and i hope to see it sometime SOON!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We LoVE Our Ole' Kentucky Home

When Adam and i got married and he decided that he wanted to get his Masters Degree in Kentucky and go to the University of Louisville i thought he was crazy. I had no idea i would grow to love it and miss it as much as i do! OK so maybe i miss the people more then the place but that's beside the point. I really grew to love Louisville the people there are really sweet TrUE Southern Hospitality. We miss our Friends and come on our daughter was born there! So Louisville will always be a part of us. It was the place we started our family and called our Home...for a while.

Adam graduated there which turned out to be a HoRRIble day one he would love to forget and one i would love to stop paying for! Who would have thought his previous surgery on his knee would lead to a staph infection and put him in the hospital the same day he graduated and keep him there for a week! HoRRIble I told you!!

i AM so proud of Adam, he worked so hard and is now on his way to HeLP so many people. He loves what he is doing and i LoVe to see him so happy and dedicated to his work in Therapy.

How the HeCK are we not suppose to MISS these people!

Sadie's Boyfriends CoOPEr WeLLs and JACKsON FlITTon

I am Obsessed with this picture of CoNNOr Man and Sadie, he just AdOres her and he gave her a kiss and told her he LoVeD her...How Cute is that!

There are no words to describe this's JRoD need i say more :)

TrEY!!! This kiD is the best we really miss him and wish you Good LuCk hope you get into Dental School!

Abby never lived in Kentucky but she was there almost every weekend so its like she did live there! We miss her and i'm sure everyone in the Ville misses her too! LoVE you sister i'll see you in the WiNDY cIty soon enough. JACkSON is so cute in this picture, He loves Abby too.

Its hard not to LoVE her!!

Meet the Family

My Mom being a first time GrAndMa was able to come stay with us when Sadie was born. She bought her plane ticket 5 months in advanced and it just so happened she got a phone call right before boarding that she was a Grandma!! She arrived just in time to see us in the hospital that night after a long day. It was so nice to have my mom stay with us for two weeks! She was a big help and i loved seeing her with Sadie. She even got to be the first to baby sit, while Adam and i went out on a date. My dad and brother weren't able to make it to the Birth, but Sadie met them for the her FiRST ChRistMas! Thanks mom for all your help it was fun to have you there...we love you!!

Sadie loVEs her Grandma

LoVe this!

Adam's Family was able to come the following Friday when Sadie was only a week old. They drove down from Minnesota and swung by Chicago to pick up Abby. They just melted over Sadie and loved every minute of there visit. Jervae was also a first time GrAndMa and couldn't wait to meet her grand baby! We loved having family visit and really appreciated all they did to help our new little FaMILy. We love you guys!!

Papa Mike in his Camo hat! I don't know if Sadie was scared of you or that hat?!? She loves her Papa.

Auntie Abby AbSOLutEly Loves her niece! Thanks for all the clothes you have bought her Sadie LoVES You!

Need i say MoRE...

Sadie and Grandma on her blessing day. Grandma just AdOREs her!

I LoVE this picture of the Two of them. Jervae is so happy and it shows!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Our little Angel

Our little Sadie Marie was born
October 26, 2007
7lbs. 7 oz.
21 inches long

My Sadie Marie

This is one of my FaVORiTe pictures of Sadie Marie

She was so little and as you can see so sleepy!

She looks so peaceful sleeping like that. As a new mom i WiSH i could sleep so soundly!

I absolutely LoVE this one of Sadie! Her face is AdORABLe and i love when she sleeps on her Daddy's chest!

Sadie has brought so much joy to our family. We LoVE watching her GrOW and ChANGe with every day. I know everyone thought i was such a bad mom for not blogging my own daughter...but thanks to her Auntie Abby you have seen updated pictures of Sadie today!! I am now starting to blog and there will be new Sadie pictures, i promise! i am really excited to start blogging and look forward to seeing new things going on with all of our FaMILy and FrIENDs!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sadie's Blessing Day

Sadie did so good the day of her Blessing. It was the first Sunday we took her to Church, so being a new mom i was a little nervous not knowing what to expect! Sadie slept almost all three hours, i think she knew what a big day it was for her. The day was very special and Adam gave a beautiful blessing. We are so Blessed to have Sadie in our family and thank our Father in Heaven for her each day.

Me and Sadie on her Special day

I love this picture! It looks like she is folding her arms for the first time.

Our happy little family of three

What a sweet little picture and Girl