Thursday, June 5, 2008

To My Best Friend

Adam was Born on June 2ND 1980
28 years old !!

Here are some fun facts you might not know about Adam and they are the reasons why i love him so much!
1. He Loves To Fish 2. Read Church books and anything BUT the Twilight serious i can't get him to read those...who can blame him!?! 3. He loves Church History

4. Playing with Sadie he is Such a great Dad and Loves his little Girl so much 5. He loves Sports any kind of Sport, his favorite is either Football or Cornhole not sure which one any more 6. FOOD that we have in common, we love eating out maybe too much and now that we bought our first house it will be a while before we go out again!

7. He is big on FAMILIES and loves spending time at his parents house hanging out and enjoys the time he gets to spend with his Brother Reed they have had many GOOD TIMES TOGETHER

We Wish Abby was closer and love when she comes to visit. Adam and Abby are 18 months apart and have always been close!

8. He enjoys working outside in our yard and Garden, he loves working with his hands and growing food for our food storage, he could work outside all day if i would let him!
9. He loves to smooch Sadie and melts when she falls asleep on him Adam likes to Smooch me too!

10. ADAM Is A Great FATHER!
I Love Seeing Him with Sadie he is so cute with her and is always helping me out, what a great Husband i have

Adam is the best thing that has ever happened to me and because of him, he gave me Sadie. I could not have asked for a better Husband or a better Father to our little girl. I love you Adam and can't to see what new adventures await for us!

So Happy Birthday Adam and A Happy Fathers Day We LoVE you More then you could ever know.

LoVE Your Girls!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mothers Day

Mothers Day i hoped was the end of a pretty bad week but come to find out it was a Start to another Horrible One! My Sweet little Girl was Blessed with a virus called

Hand Foot And Mouth

Have any of your kids gotten this before? Lets just say i knew nothing about it and the sound of it kinda FREAKED me out...i felt so bad for Sadie she got little blisters on her fingers and toes then of course in the back of the mouth! SO it hurt her when she ate, she screamed so much that week and there were many long nights. It broke my heart to see her like that, but there was nothing i could do for her and it only lasted a week so we just had to wait till it passed!

I have been pretty Lucky Sadie is now 7 months and has never been sick with anything serious, she has been a healthy baby so i suppose it was time for something to happen.

So RUMOR has it this Virus is very contagious and only children can get this. I did a lot of Research on the Internet! But i was all over Sadie all week long hugging and smooching her...I must be a child at HEART...cause guess who caught Sadie's Hand Foot and Mouth? Me and Mothers Day was the begging of the worst week i have ever experienced. I really wanted to Blog about it because it is such a weird virus.

My Symptoms: 1.First i broke out into a fever and felt weak for one day (kinda like the flu) 2.Monday it hurt to swallow come to find out i had tiny white dots in the back of my throat drinking, eating, putting anything in my mouth was out of the question! 3.Tuesday my finger tips hurt (ladies you know when you take your finger nail polish off and it's a little sensitive it was like that but seriously 100 time worse) and my hands felt swollen but didn't appear to be 4. Wednesday the dots appeared on my hands and feet making my feet tingle and swell 5. After all of that everything stoped hurting on Saturday and the blisters get BIG then they Burst, then they Peel. It doesn't hurt it just sucks! The worst part of all of this is knowing what my little Sadie had gone through the past week, it broke my heart to know she probably felt the same pain i did and she took it a lot better then me! Just ask Adam i was seriously complaining all week Long! Sorry Babe, thanks for putting up with me and taking care of Sadie and Me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Its A Fun Time to Visit

i loved this picture of my Mom and Brother. We all loved being together for my Brothers last Birthday for TWO years at least. Then my parents will be empty Nester's's a good thing they have a cute Granddaughter to come visit!

To my Surprise i realized when i got home how many pictures i didn't take of Sadie and Grandma. I guess its more about the QUality time we spent. We were the ones home all day as the boys worked, so we got so caught up in the girl stuff that we forgot about taking pictures. Sorry Mom! It is fun to kiss her all over when she lets you that is, and Grandma always enjoys spending all her time with Sadie when we visit. WE Love Our Grandma!!

Called To Serve

Well the time has finally come and it came in the mail and this kid was all smiles and couldn't even wait for my dad to get back into Town before opening his Mission Call. So i wasn't the only one in the family listening intently over the phone waiting to hear where Elder Shawn Stoll would be serving for the next two years. He has been called to the:

Anchorage Alaska Mission
He will Report on the 31st of July and is so eager to start this new Adventure that awaits for him. We are so Proud of you Shawn and look forward to learning more about the people in Alaska that will be blessed by meeting you!

We Love You Buddy

Grandpa Love

My Daddy and Little Girl

My Dad Loved seeing how big Sadie was getting. While we were in Seattle Grandpa loved playing the guitar for our little cute is that. Sadie would wake up in the morning and lay there to listen to the music! I love when my dad plays the guitar a fun thing we always did
Name That Hymn
Kind of like name that TUNE but Sunday mornings he would practice playing the hymns and we would shout out what hymn he was playing...then i would start singing the song! It was becoming a tradition without really knowing it, and now Sadie was experiencing it for the first time and loved the MUSIC!
Some of the pictures Sadie really got into it and was playing herself...And once she Started we couldn't get her to STOP, she loved to strum and strum and strum the Guitar, she is becoming quite the musician.
Who Knew?!?

SAdIE Loved the Guitar so much she would even sing along as she played. It was really quite SWEET to see her having so much FUN with my Dad.

CARS CARS and MORE CARS!!! My Dad is a Car Guy, he always collected hot wheels and Before Sadie was born and we thought we were having a BOy (sorry sadie) My dad said that he would give him little toy cars to play with. Well Sadie is anything but a BOY but she loves to play with everything and the toy cars were fun for her...they mostly went into her mouth but what doesn't!?!

Like the Drool mark on my shoulder? there's nothing like going out to dinner and getting a little Sadie mark on my you Sadie! This was dinner for my Brother's Birthday and so far we are 2/0 Sadie has now been to the Keg in Seattle twice and she hates that place i swear! My dad takes his painting class there on Thursday nights so dinner is FREE :) But somehow the food just isn't as good with Sadie screaming the ENTIRE even though we get to eat amazing food at an AMAZING price, i don't think we are going to try for the 3rd times a CHARM thing. But don't hold me to that!

We LoVE You Grandpa!