Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunny Summer Days

A Sunny Day at the Flower Garden

We Love The the new area that we Live in. Its a college Town and we are right by the Mississippi River. While the weather is still NICE we are taking advantage and seeing the sites. The Flowers garden is so Breathtaking, I love Flowers and LOve taking pictures of them. The day could not have been more Gorgeous! The Blue sky with Puffy white clouds, i took so many pictures i want to share them all with you!
Sadie was so cute taking everything in! But at this stage she didn't want to stay in her stroller for LONG, she is crawling like crazy and loves to explore. The grass and some Flowers went in her mouth of coarse! She loves the outdoors it was a Fun Family Outing!

Talking to my Dad the other day he commented how many cute shots of Sadie we get, it's fun that i seem to capture the Real Sadie Marie in pictures so my parents and other Family and Friends can keep up on her every change! I'm glad my Dads love for taking pictures rubbed off on me. I know i hated all the picture taking when i was younger BUT thank you for doing it Now i Enjoy it as much as you! Here's to YOU Love you Dad

This is the Mississippi River we walked on the Trail and sat on a swing to enjoy the scenery. While we were there this Little Boy ran by looking at the River and said "Hi Mississp" we were Laughing so hard, what a cute kid!

What a Beautiful place we Live in. It's been Fun Moving around we've lived in Idaho Kentucky and now Minnesota the Land of 10,000 Lakes. There is Beauty all around us...Can't wait for Boundary Waters Summer of 2009? Who's In?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here's To You Buddy

Having My Brother Shawn come visit last week was so fun. We had time to just hang out and spend some Quality time before he becomes a Missionary. It's hard to think about not seeing him for Two years, so much will change for the both of us but I'm excited to see how he will change! He was able to See Our New home and Play with Sadie...she loved seeing her Uncle and it was so cute to see them together Again. He is more then ready to leave I'm just so happy he had time to come see his Sister!

One Day I took my Brother and we went to this Kind of ghetto place on the River where you could rent Tubes and Float the Otter tail was cheap and we though we might DIE on the Bus ride to the Drop off, BUT we are alive and here to talk about it! It was fun and Lazy we talked and had some Brother Sister Bonding time! I love you Buddy that was definitely a fun Adventure.


My Kid brother is not a KID anymore. But we had a fun week laughing about the silly things we use to do together...we are alike in so many ways and most of you Don't know but we share the same weird dislike for



Who knows why we are so Different from everyone else, but now you know I'm not the only FREAK out there! We have always had that in common. We are both sensitive but with good reason. There wasn't a time when we wouldn't stick up for each other. Even as my little Brother he had my back. We have always been close it was just the two of us kids after our Sister Jeanine passed away. It made our Family bond stronger and look forward to the day when we will be united as a Family again. I know she is Proud of the Man you have grown up to be as our entire Family is. You have made great decisions in your life that has led you to one of the Most important decisions you will make. You have chosen to Serve a mission I am Proud of you Shawn.

It was a Sweet Goodbye and i know the Lord will watch over and protect Shawn as he Serves in Alaska. I am excited to watch him grow in the Gospel and share his Testimony with the people there. You are going to make a Fine missionary Shawn. Stay Obedient and Strong and Return to us with Honor! We Love you and Pray for you each day. Shawn I am so lucky to have you as My Brother You are going to be Great!


God Be With You Till We Meet Again

We Miss the Lazy Lake Days

Well we had to take the Gam and Sadie picture outside Gams cabin! Sadie just happened to be wearing a COW on her sun outfit, and GAm LoVES cows...her kitchen Bathroom almost every room in her house has some kind of Cow decoration! When i saw this outfit i Thought of Our Gam and Love that Sadie has this picture with her. Gams TWO Favorite things Cows and little Great Granddaughters.
AHHH the UGLY days of the Lake, no make up no problem, the fish still Bite!

We Spent an Evening on the Lake catching some Fish, Adam could live eat and breath Fishing and he Looks GOOD doing it Too! Glad i caught you Babe.

And I'm talking LAZY, it was so Funny when Adam fell asleep on the Hill on the water floaty in the middle of the day. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of My Cute Husband catching some Zs he looks so peaceful and surprisingly Very Comfy, if Sadie wasn't going like crazy i might have joined HIM!

The thing i most miss is the Beautiful views of the Docks and the water, the gorgeous Sunsets and the laughter and busy chatter of Family. We definitely Cherish the time we have to be with our Extended Family. We are so blessed to be surrounded by our Loved ones and are grateful for Eternal Families. The Lake always holds great memories and has been a tradition passed down many Generations, can't wait for the many years to come to create More!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Lake

Sadie Loves The Lake

This Last week Adam's Family had there Family Reunion and it was Sadie's first time experiencing the Denny Family Fun!

It was a lot colder then most years but quickly warmed up so we got in the water to cool off! Sadie's a Little Swimmer, she loves the water but mostly she loves to eat the SAND!
All week we were taking sand out of her mouth, and later we found it in her Diaper
Silly Sadie! My Brother Shawn was able to come and stay with us for the week before he reports to the MTC on July 30Th. He is going to be missed but it was Great to Spend some quality time with him and Sadie loved Playing with her Uncle Shawn again!

The lake goes by all too Fast and i swear it goes by Faster each year. We missed Abby for the second year in a row! Wish you were there with us Untie Abby we Missed you.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of Sadie she is getting so big and this week was the FIRST for a pony on top of her HEAD it's finally LONg enough, What a BIG Girl Sadie!

Sadie Marie and Kendal Marie. They both get there middle Name from Jervae and Kendal Loves Sadie they are so cute together!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our First Home

Here are some new pictures of our Big Purchase! One of the many reasons I fell in Love with our House was are Yard, It is landscaped Beautifully! I only hope i can keep it looking just as nice.
I know what you are thinking Jared...are grass is DEAD and we try to water it everyday, we know how much you Love GREEN GRASS, we will try to get it up to J-Rods standards soon!
This is our side yard, Shed and Garden. Adam is out there everyday and Absolutely Loves it! We have more Raspberry bushes then we Know what to do with. There is also Rhubarb, green onions and asparagus. We are excited to plant and grow more Veggies next year!
THis is Our Patio and i am OBSESSED!!! I LOve being out there, we just got Home from Adams Family Reunion and all these new Flowers came up when we were gone! The FLowers and Vines growing up the privacy fence is my favorite.

And Last is our Tree I love how Big it is, it provides much needed shade and is so Beautiful i can't wait to take some Cute family pictures under this tree!

So the yard is going to be a lot of hard work and Thank goodness we have a Well and Don't have to pay for City water to keep everything hydrated! So i hope you all enjoyed seeing some outside pictures of Our Home! It's fun to be able to Share it with you all. Adam and I feel so Blessed to be home owners and look forward to making many memories in this Place!

Thank You to Our Families for all the Love and Support they have given us. We Couldn't be here Today without your Help. THank YOU!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy Red White and Blue!!
We hope everyone enjoyed there 4th. We took a trip and stayed with Adam's parents. Adam's cousin got married on the 5th so we enjoyed seeing family from out of town...especially Auntie Abby, we hate when she has to go Home!
But it was good to see her and Sadie Loved playing with. Thanks for always spoiling our little Girl.
We love you Abby
So funny story it was Sadie's FIRST 4th and her bed time is around 8:30 every night...well we wanted to see fireworks and they didn't start until about 10:30 so as our entire extended family gathered on this hill to watch the show Sadie was so tired, Her grandma took her and rocked her top sleep by Singing "Rock A By Baby" over and over until she passed out 5 minute before the loud fireworks started! Sadie seriously slept through the entire thing, even the loudest Finally i think i have ever heard! WE were right across the street so i am talking LOUD fireworks...she didn't even flinch! I thought that was so funny, so thank you Jervae for putting Sadie to bed and letting Adam and i enjoy the SHOW!

Don't you Love the Flag i stuck in the ground for this little photo shoot? Ha ha so Patriotic!!!

Livn Poor and Lovin Every Minute of it

So You all have probably wondered where we have been for the last little while...Well Adam and i are now Home Owners! We bought our first Home and recently closed the middle of June, the new Home has kept us busy but we are in Love and are so excited to have a place of our Own and a place to call HOME!
There are many things we have had to sacrifice and one of them is Internet and Cable. We are not Apartment living any more and nothing is included with a Home! I hate that i can't Blog and put pictures up of our new place. But i will try in any way to keep everyone updated.

Sadie loves her new yard to play in. We live on a fenced in corner lot so we have lots of privacy. Our home was Built in the 60's with a lot of charm! I never knew i could LoVE a house so much?!? It's a Rambler with 4 bedrooms , 3 up and 1 down and 2 full baths, a finished basement will be our main hangout when we can afford furniture and there is more storage then i have stuff for! We love owning a Home and enjoy all the sacrifices we have to make to start our family here! i hope to get some more pictures up soon and can't wait to share more of this new experience with all of our Friends and Family!

Happy Anniversary Love

Here's to Two Years with my One True Love

I Love looking back on the last Two years of our marriage and the Three years of being together.

July 1st 2006

A look back at the "Dating Years"

i love this picture of us in Rexburg we look so young and so in Love. I know i joke around a lot but this man still gives me Butterflies and i can't wait for him to walk through the door at the end of his Day!

The year we dated and fell in love is a time i cherish and hope to always Remember the feelings i had. The way he looked at me, our fun dates and I was Lucky enough to marry my First Love! I Will always Love you Adam and you have truly made me so Happy i am a Lucky girl to Have you as my Husband. Thank you for LOVING me the way you have. You are my best Friend and My Eternal Companion.

Happy Anniversary Adam i can't wait to see FOREVER with you