Saturday, August 2, 2008


So this Post is pretty Bittersweet For me!

This last week i had to part with my very reliable indestructible Big Beast car of mine! So many of you have Seen my car in Washington, Idaho, Kentucky and Minnesota. Well i have had this car ever since i learned how to Drive and yes i even took my Drivers Test in Her! I love this car I have always felt safe behind the wheel, she's been so good to me. Adam and i used it to move all of our stuff TWICE is been very handy. I Love how it stands out from the rest i have to say at first i was embarrassed to be seen in it driving to High School, everyone knew where i was all the time, so when i told my parents where i was i had to mean in (no sneaking around for me)Yes Adam was my 2ND Love but i LOVE him so much more then my Suburban. Don't worry, he Loves the car too. I drove on our First date to Idaho Falls and he thought it was so funny that a little girl like me Drove such a BIG car.

Well it went OFF in good Hands. Reed my Brother-In-Law took it to School. So now MY Suburban is off to Snow College in Utah! So if any of you see the burban in Utah...No sadly it's not me there for a Visit. I was happy to pass it on to Reed, he needed a car and what better then this? Its the Perfect College CAR the LAdies Love it! Good Luck Reed be good to HER she is one of a kind and i'm glad your First Road trip went smoothly. Have Fun playing football, but Don't have too much fun in my Suburban! We miss you Boy

So Goodbye my Love i will miss you!
Thank you to my parents for letting me have their car! I know it was hard for my dad to part with it when i first took it to college. But he was the artist that made the Suburban what it is. His company paint is PPG and he signed his name on the gas door. She will find her way back to you someday Dad.

We Love Our Twins!

We Love Date Nights!

We Went to a Twins game with Adam's Cousin Kylee and her New Husband John. I love going to Baseball games and i just love getting out of the House these days! Sadie played with Grandma and Papa while we were gone. Even though the Twins lost to the White Sox it was 1 dollar hot dog day! So Adam and John were Happy


Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking Dawn Girls Night

So it's FINALLY HERE!!! Breaking Dawn Stephenie Meyer's 4th and Final Book of the Twilight series! I was recently converted to these Books and started Reading them in May. I just finished the third Book on Monday and have been so excited for this weekend to continue reading!

It is 1:30am (and i should be reading) and we had the BEST girls night tonight! I came down to Anoka and Kylee, Adams cousin who INTRODUCED me to Twilight went out and FIRST Did the Half Priced Appetizers at Applebee's To start the night off right!
Then we went to a Pre-Book Party at our Friend Audry's HOuse!! Then we went to Borders Books to BUY our own Copy Of Breaking Dawn releasing at MIDNIGHT!
I have never done anything like this Before, and going out at 12 to buy a book and to look around and see 400 other fans there to buy the same book was...CRAZY INSANE! We had too much fun and while standing in line, There were some interesting people buyin the book tonight! But we saw our Other COusin Megan...Everyone Is Addicted to TWILIGHT
Meagan Me Kylee

WE didn't even end up buying the book from BORDERS, after waiting for 10min and being almost the last people in line we went across the street to Good OL' WAL-MART and walked right in took it off the shelf and bought it within 3 minutes.

I can't Believe i am BLOGGING and Not READING! But i got a's mine and i can't wait to see whats next for Bella and Edward! Happy Reading to all the other Fans out there!

For all those who are sceptics...Pick up Twilight, Don't judge a Book By its Cover or in this case a Vampire! Its the best thing you will ever read and you wont want to put it down, so give it a try and tell me what you think?!?