Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Pumpkin'

Sadie was too little for her First Halloween to do much of anything. This year was so much fun dressing her up making her into a Bunny! Sadie really Loves Halloween the Pumpkins and ghost and Candy her Favorite is the Suckers...her first piece of candy tonight was a sucker and her mouth was completely Blue! We found her Abby's old pumpkin basket to take Trick OR Treating and ended up taking it with her everywhere she went. and the only way i could put some face paint on her was to give her an entire Apple...whatever works RIGHT?! Despite the fact that all three of us have colds this week. We had a fun Halloween

Even though Sadie is a walker we thought it would be fun to take her around the neighborhood in her wagon. it was so dang cute she was so good i can't believe she sat still...must have been the magic sucker!


Happy Birthday to Our Sadie Marie


On OCTOBER 26th 2007
We Welcomed Little Sadie into this world
A year has gone by and Sadie has blessed our lives in so many ways. We are so in Love with our little girl and Thank our Heavenly Father for her everyday.

Some Sadie Updates My Little girl is not so little anymore...

She weighs in at 21lbs and is 31in long She is a wiggle worm and will not sit still, she started walking at 9 months and there was no slowing her down. I would say shes a pro by now. Sadie loves to talk or scream whatever she prefers...she always lets me know!
She is my good little eater and especially loves all fruit oh yeah and her new favorite Frosting on her Birthday cake. I love to watch her grow up and learn new things. She loves Dogs and can say Doggy, Daddy, Mommy and Boo! Halloween has been lots of fun for Sadie and loves the pumpkins and the ghosts she walks around the house with a little wooden ghost and says..."Boo Boo Boo" It really is so cute

She Loves to say HI to everybody, and it still surprises me sometimes like when she says hi to little girls at Church...she will start screaming it with great excitement until they Say it back. Speaking of little Girls Sadie's loves to play with kids. They make her so happy and at her Birthday party i could not take one picture of her looking at me.

Here are some pictures of her party in our basement, Our first party in our new house!

And The Pictures Of the Birthday Cake Just in case you were wondering?!?! She Loved every minute of it and once she started it was hard to get her to stop!


I Know you are all thinking it...So i Said it!
It was time for something new and now i am finally doing something about it
OK First of all i want to thank all of you who continued to look at my Blog and time after time seeing My Huge Suburban every time you were wondering what was new with the Hornung's...and you are probably thinking "what the heck is wrong with them...i hate this Blog". I thank you for baring with me and apologize for being so lame. I still don't have the Internet and i am so sad that i can't post on a regular basis. Sadie is growing up so fast and i can't believe she is Already ONE. So to start things off i will post Sadie's Birthday and Halloween...then i will Play catch up. i loved catching up with all of you...Friends and Family and miss looking at whats new with all of YOU! so i hope to get all caught up this weekend and give you something to look at!