Friday, November 28, 2008

Home for the Holidays

My Parents came to Minnesota for THANKSGIVING this year. It was so much fun to have them in Our Home for the Holidays. It had been over 6 months since my Dad had seen Sadie and lets just say his was very entertained by her. She LoVED seeing her Grandma and Grandpa Stoll again! We were able to spend two weeks together. My Dad traveled to Minnesota for Business and brought my Mom along. While he was in the city about 2 hours from us the first week was spent just with Grandma around the HOUSE.
OK so sometimes you just have to brag about the people in our lives. I love my parents and am very grateful for them.
I Don't get to see my Family very often living so far away from them so i really enjoy the time we get to spend together. It was fun to sit up and talk to my mom for hours like i did when i lived at home. She was such a big help with Sadie and i love watching them play together. Grocery Shopping was so much easier with my mom running with Sadie up and down the aisle. She even discovered that Sadie likes to grab hold of the Shopping carts and push them. Its really cute, but she has a pretty good grip that's hard to get her to let go. She ran to some ladies cart and started mom was trying so hard to get her off of this persons cart, meanwhile the Lady was just watching and Laughing. It was really funny! We were excited to show off our House for the first time and my parents wanted to help us out by finishing at least one room...the Nursery was the room of my choice. Sadie is now 1 and her nursery was not done and she needed the perfect little room. Thank you for helping paint and find cute accessories to make Sadie's nursery cozy for the cold winter. I have found it is hard to get much done during the day, but with my moms help we got so much accomplished and i loved spending that one on one time together! Thank goodness for Mothers. She Taught me to be a Mother to Love unconditionally and most of all to be Patient. I hope to become everything you were and still are mom

I Love my Daddy and i don't get to see him as much as i get to see my mom. So the week we got to spend together was very nice. My dad was very entertained by Sadie. He loves singing her "the doggy in the window" song and Sadie will dance and and scream. Probably my dads favorite thing was when he would ask her someting and she puts her hands up and do the I DOn't Know sign. It took him a while but he finally got a picture if it. I get my Love for taking pictures from my Dad and now enjoy driving around and taking pictures of the beauty in Minnesota.

These are some pictures i took at Quarry Park in St. Cloud. The water was frozen and it was beautiful. We were throwing rocks into the water making holes and the sound was really cool and echoed forever...its something to experience if you've never done it! I'm just saying it was pretty awesome. My dad also did a lot of handy work for Sadie's Nursery and painted a tree on her wall. He is quite the artist and now Sadie has a Paul Stoll original in her Room! We took many many trips to the hardware store. But i remember being a little girl and wanting to spend time with my dad and it usually consisted of trips to hardware stores, i just Loved being with him. Another Favorite staying up to watch a movie even when everyone else was to tired to watch it! You have to see Dark Night Dad and tell me what you think? I love you and thank you for all your Love. Thank you for supporting Adam and I in our journey through life together!

We Are Grateful

We Feel So Grateful this Thanksgiving to be with both our Families. I love everything about the Holiday Season. The Christmas music was playing in our House the Day after Halloween which would explain my Blog background changing before Thanksgiving had come and Gone. I get really excited and Love Christmas time. But not to rush the Fall away this Thanksgiving we spent with Adam and My Parents. WE had a big Family Dinner at Adams Aunt Joni's House out in the country in there Farm house. We had a really good time all of us except my Dad. Unfortunately for him he got sick right before and spent his Thanksgiving Day sleeping it off. It was my parents last day in town and it was too bad he didn't feel well. We are Grateful for our Families. Parents, Grandparents, Brothers and Sisters. I love my Family and always cherish the time we have to spend together. I love my Family Adam is such a great Father and Husband Sadie has become quite a busy little girl. Lately there is never any DOWN TIME but i am thankful for her in my Life.
My Parents with Sadie Thanksgiving Night Saying goodnight and goodbye until there next visit.
It's always hard to have them leave and Sadie was really warming up to them. She just loves all the LOVE and Attention. Its fun to see her Love her Grandparents the way she does.
This was the Sunset on Thanksgiving
It was Amazing. I am grateful for the beauty that is all around us.

I Know Sadie is Grateful for her Grandparents and Her Parents it just seems like whenever Grandma and Papa come around she wants nothing to do with us! Its cute though and it's nice to be able to take a break...and Blog every once in a while. Grandma bought Sadie a new Thanksgiving Book, she loved it and went from each Grandma and then to me so we could all read it to her. I love that Sadie is so interested in books they have entertained her for hours and
We Hope Everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Spent with Family and Friends

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back in September

This Post is way past Due and i want to thank my Family for being patient with me. Sadie and i went to Boise in September and had so much Fun. Sadie was able to meet my grandparents for the first time. We got my mom to come from Seattle so we all had a nice visit. I love when Sadie can see my mom she grows up and changes so much it's sometime hard to have them live so far away. I was born in Boise as most of you know and with that i know tons of Idahoans. We had so much fun seeing Family and old Friends. Boise was busy but Fun we wanted to Thank my grandparents for letting Sadie and i stay with them...hope you enjoyed your Little Great Granddaughter even when she cried! We Loved coming to see you and Loved being with family. Sadie especially LoVES the little kids and enjoyed playing with my cousins. Thanks guys for entertaining Sadie.

Growing up in Boise brings back many Memories for me. This park was the Same park my mom pushed me on this swing...when i was Sadie's age! It was so fun that i could take her to this special place. Another special place we always like to visit is my Sisters grave site. How wonderful it is that Families are Together Forever I miss Jeanine all the time but know she is Where we are all aspiring to be one Day. Some Day Sadie will meet her Auntie Jeanine. I Love going back to Idaho and seeing Family and Friends. It was so good to see all of you and for Sadie to meet all of you!

Sadie's First Visits

Aunties Visits

The Most Favorite Fall pass time is when Auntie Abby Comes to visit. We have been lucky enough to have Abby come at least once a month and we LoVE to see her! I am so lucky to have married into the Family that i have. Abby is GREAT with Sadie and we love her so much. Thank you Abby for all your cute gifts and Love you give to Our little Sadie Marie. She loves seeing you and i only wish you were closer and could see us all the time. You are a beautiful successful Women and i am glad Sadie has you as an example in her life. You are a great roll model and an even better Auntie.
( p.s. sorry this is the only picture i had of you two i need more )

FALLing For Apples

I love the Fall it is my most Favorite time of the year! Sadie has also enjoyed the fall and it is Beautiful in Minnesota. My opinion has changed of this State and Fall is absolutely gorgeous now bring on the COLD and take out the Uggs because Winter is soon upon us! But this fall consisted of raking leaves and the raking some more leaves! Actually Yesterday was our last and FINAL day of raking Leaves. Thanks to Sadie's almost 4 hour Afternoon nap (got to love the long one nap a day) Adam and i got a lot of yard work done. It looks amazing and i finally feel ready for the snow to fall. My parents are coming for thanksgiving and we are excited to have some guest stay in our new HOME.

This is the street we live off of and the view from our living room. Like i said Fall is gorgeous here in Minnesota. This Fall some of Sadie's favorite things to do were...Wagon riding at Grandma and Papa's house, Going to the Apple Orchard, playing in piles of leaves and Sundays at Gams

On the Hay ride Sadie only Enjoyed it because she had an Apple the entire time. Silly Sadie Gotta love those Apples! Especially at an Apple farm Picking them from a Tree. I hate that Fall has come to an END it never is long long cute fall coats and Mommy/Sadie afternoon walks time to take it indoors.