Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here are some Baby [Boy] Bump Pictures
...I am 28 weeks and counting...
February CAN'T get here any sooner

[not that i am at all ready for our little boys arrival]

i need to get going on his Nursery and do lots of shopping for Boy stuff before he can come! The holidays are soon upon us and i am not getting ANY smaller...it's time for me to get going already!

Sadie is working hard for a cheeto...but she got it in the end! This little dance party was so cute to watch and Connor's moves were hilarious. I love when kids get together and Dance! The songs of choice Sadie's favorite 'Single Ladies' and the boys liked 'Move it Move it'! We did almost anything to wear Sadie out before getting in the car to drive to Chicago, it worked and she fell asleep right after crossing over into Indiana...who wouldn't? It was hard to leave [it always is] i hate saying goodbye. We had such a fun visit seeing our friends again! I wish we could get together more often. Thanks for the Fun Thanksgiving

{We Miss You Guys}

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kentucky style

We didn't get to see too many of our friends while we were there. Most had family in town and our visit was short. But we ate dinner at Nate and Sarah's house. It was so yummy! It was fun to see Sarah for the day and hang out with everyone.

Little Jackson!

Connor Man!
We were Back...all of us and it was so good to be BACK in our Ole Kentucky Home! We miss it so much and really enjoyed spending the time with our friends. Connor and Jackson have grown up so FAST. Adam had fun seeing everyone again. Thanks Jared for taking Adam shopping for a little Male bonding time! Thanksgiving is my favorite when spent with family and good friends (that can cook) and playing the Candy Bar game!

{Abby came with}
We picked her up on the drive down and we got to stay a couple nights in her Sweet Condo! Sadie enjoyed a nice bath in the kitchen sink

[Thanks] Abby

These two were little buddies for the weekend and Jackson even called Sadie his girlfriend...but when i went to catch it on video he denied it
[boys will be boys]
We stayed with our friends Jared and Becky. a big {THANKS} again for letting the Hornung's into your home there were lots of us! It was just like old times not much has changed and i got to see my favorite person Becky. I loved being in Kentucky it will always feel like home to us because it was our first place Adam and i called home. Sadie was born in Louisville and we meet and have many close friends that are still in Kentucky

we Love Y'all

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pumpkin Girl

Fall has been Gorgeous or i should say November has been, October was anything but and we thought we had skipped Fall all together and were in far a long winter!
I LOVEloveLOVE the


so Sadie and I have been outside trying to enjoy the short time we have left of it. I took these pictures one afternoon as she was re-arranging my pumpkins on our front step. I am no photographer but i thought there were some cute ones!
Enjoy whats left of the Fall weather

This is Sadie's visit to Gam's House while Trick or Treating!!!

Let's just say we all had a good HARD laugh over this. Sadie enjoyed all the candy and was so excited to be able to have all she wanted!!!! Sadie didn't even hesitate she dove right in we had to stop her but she out smarted us...somehow she always does!

ThankyouThankyou {GAM} we Love you!

I'm A Witch

( Heeehehheehheeee )

Sadie even has a Witch laugh that she continues to do as her {normal} laugh everyday. When we went to the store to buy her costume we asked her if she wanted to be a Princess or a Witch...she was a Nice witch and the cutest one I've ever seen!

Trick [or] Treating Time

Halloween was so much FUN this year. Sadie really enjoyed dressing up and going out...but her most Favorite part of the night was passing out Candy to the kids. We went out for a while and all she wanted to do was to go back home and answer the door. While we were eating dinner Sadie would get an excited look on her face and say,

"The Kids Are Here!!!!"...run to the door say trick or treat and pass the candy out!!!

Sadie with {Gam} we went TRICK [or] TREATING to two houses on Halloween Gam's and Uncle Jeff's. She got far too much candy for only visiting Two houses...they loved our little Witch and gave her all she wanted. Thanks to you Both for making this Halloween so fun for Sadie

Every Witch needs a Cat. Sadie talked about going to Jeff's and seeing the cat for days after Halloween!

Hope Everyone had a happy Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Minnie Mouse

I LOVE Sadie{S}

blond {CURLY} curls

Pretty Red Dot bow

Minnie Mouse Ears

[that never stayed on for long]

Sadie had three parties to help celebrate her turning TWO and i am so partied out!!!!! Though i have to say Sadie seemed to enjoy a week of celebration.
This year she LOVEd;

Blowing out her candles
singing hAPPY bIRTHDAY to herself
eating lots and lots of [BIRTHDAY CAKE]
opening her presents!!!

BLOWING OUT HER CANDLES with Mitch [Adam's cousins husband] Thanks Mitch for sharing all those CANDLES with Sadie

...Auntie ABBY came...

all the way from Chicago just for Sadie's Birthday!!! I was gone most of the weekend for a [Time Out for Women weekend]
Sadie had fun FUN fun with Abby and warmed right up to her again!

They took her to a pumkin patch petting zoo
watched Snow White .her Favorite movie as of now.
read lot{s}of Books
Thanks for being such a good aunt to our little Sadie she loves you Abby!

It was fun watching Sadie girl turn 2 i can't believe she is this big
...She is my {Girly} girl with Lots of [Sassy] Sass in her...
Chatty.Smily.sIlly.Loves to Love and Cuddle.Curly.messy.SHOE fanatic.Smart.happy.GIGGLY.big ATTITUDE.Sweeter then sweet.litttletwoyearoldyou'veeverseen


Happy Birthday to my biggest LITTLE girl
we love{LOVE}love you!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

look who{s} 2


had a birthday....

shout hurray!!!!!
{we sang.ate too many sweets.opened presents}


{Miss} Sadie Marie

We LOVE you oh so much! You have Blessed our Family for two years now. Thanks for being your Sassy Sadie self we LOVE you just the way you are!!!
[more..MORE..more to come]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been meaning to post pictures of our new painted house, well since my parents came in May to help us do it. My dad is a Very talented painter and he took a [non-vacation] to help paint our house. We did get to do some other fun things, it just happened to be the HOTTEST week of the summer they were there...that was FUN


When i lived in Kentucky i saw a house that was a dark tan with white trim and Black shutters. I fell in LOVE love LOVE with it and told Adam if we ever paint this is what i want. Well i never liked the green color of our house! So i think now it looks SO much better.

I love how it turned out

It's amazing what shutters new lights a new garage door and some paint Can do for a House!

This is our home. I love being a home owner and really feel lucky to have to place to call Ours

...A GREAT big THANKS...
[THANK YOU][thank you][Thank You] to my MOM and {DAD} for all your hard work in helping us make the house look so GREAT. We all {LOVE}love [Love] You!