Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sleepy Sadie

My Sweet Little Sadie was very Sleepy. This week she was extra sleepy i found her in random places around the house...asleep. Sadie usually had a hard time going down for a nap and never went to sleep on her own. I had to do the whole routine for naps...Bottle Blanket Rock her and then Lay her down when she was passed out. She had been teething and we had some very long nights. I found a little Tylenol helped us both sleep better. Thank goodness for drugs! This was in January when i caught her sleeping in RANDOM places.
We were eating Lunch, well Luckily i had just cleaned up Sadie's tray if not she would probably have fallen asleep in her food! I was in the kitchen and we were listening to the new Taylor Swift CD. I was doing the dishes cleaning up a bit before i took her out of her high chair. She wasn't screaming to get out so i was using this time to clean. Don't we all do that? Then i went over to get her out...and this is what i found! I could not believe she had fallen asleep, the music was so loud and i was totally Rocking out Singing. ( I sound just like Taylor its AMAZING)

My Beautiful Voice must have put her to Sleep

I took me a minute to find my camera, but when i did i was taking pictures like crazy. i was laughing so hard because i could not believe she had actually fallen asleep. She didn't even wake up when i carried her into her crib. She was OUT.

This was SERIOUSLY the next Day

It was pretty early in the morning too, as you can probably tell she's still in her p j's. Sadie loves to read her books, but this time she fell asleep on her book. This is her cute puppy and kitty book that has the fur you can feel. Anyway it was so cute because she fell asleep right on the puppy's face.

And in this picture you can see Sadie's face through the hole in the books cover! I thought this was so cute and i just wanted to share it with all of you. Sadie is now a great sleeper, she is completely off the Bottle and goes to sleep just fine without her Mommy. It's the best we are all sleeping great. I hope I didn’t just jinx my Luck?!? I hope we can all sleep as peacefully as Sadie looks in these pictures. Happy Sleeping.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the LOVE of family

( ba baa )

As you can see we loved Loving on Sadie over Christmas. We just love when Abby and Reed come to visit. Sadie Loves being spoiled by these two. Sadie couldn't ask for a better Aunt and Uncle.

Sadie is talking all the time now and is getting pretty good at saying names. She can say Sadie and it's so cute to hear her say Abby and Reed. She just gets so excited that when she sees pictures of them she can tell me who it is. I love taking pictures of Sadie with Reed and Abby, she just loves them so much!!

( eed )

They are just so cute together. Sadie loved getting to know Reed better over Christmas Break. Reed really adores Sadie. He is a great uncle and we really miss him when he's gone at School.

Her most favorite thing to do was steel Reeds popcorn! This is Sadie's favorite snack and loving sharing it with her Uncle eed. I love Reed in this picture (sorry if you hate it reed ) i guess this picture kinda shows that we just sat around all Christmas eating and watching Football...oh wait that is ALL we did!

All joking aside we love having everyone home. Sadie is growing up so fast and i hate that family is scattered all over and can't be here to watch it happen. We love and Miss all our family that's away from us and Hope You all had a very Merry Christmas.

Sadie Loves going to Grandma and Papa's House. She usually falls asleep on the hour ride. When we pull in the drive Sadie wakes up and says PAPA. Its pretty cute and i Love how much she Loves them. Grandma always has fun new books for Sadie to read and yummy things to eat! Papa likes to take Sadie anywhere she wants to go, she just grabs his finger she wrapped around and off they go. Thanks for Christmas we loved spending time together and have fun memories to cherish.

We get so busy and caught up with everything that's going on i never got one picture of Sadie and Papa. We will have to remember to capture more of you two.

Here's to the LOVE of Family

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We Spent Christmas in Minnesota this year. Traditional Gam's house for Christmas Eve and it was Christmas Morning at Adam's Parents house. Sadie was so cute in the morning opening her presents and playing with her new toys. We love the Holidays its the time of year when family comes together and we get to relax and enjoy what matters most in life. This year was Reeds first Christmas since his mission, the entire family was together. There were some good times playing sing star, late night Appetizers from Applebees and playing with Sadie. I love Christmas time and we Really has a great time this Year. The Holidays always go bye way too fast but the memories are nice to hold on to. Happy Holidays to all of you and we Hope it Was

A little HO HO HO Merry Christmas to You!

Christmas Morning Sadie woke up to this pink Chair and spent most of the morning in it. She read some books and opended her presents. I have to say when we saw the chair we had to get it for Sadie. Everyone put money together to get this for Sadie, she loves watching her movies in it and it is so cute that she has a little Chair of her own!

She still took time to stop and eat and she was very excited about it!

So this was an everyday occurrence while our house was decorated for the Holidays and pretty much the bane of my existence. I love decorating for the Holidays and it was so hard to keep Sadie’s hands off. I tried everything and in the end just ended up giving up and letting go…that was after she had pulled the Christmas tree down two times and after she would run up to the tree take off one of the ornaments, walk over to the end table and smash it to pieces then look at me like “What are you going to do about that” written all over her FACE! I promise I have never been more excited to take down the decorations in my LIFE.

Where Have We Gone?

Well we are still here and i know it's been a long times time, Thanksgiving wow that is a long time. But its official...We NOW have the internet!!! After 8 long months of not having it lets just say i am very excited to finally Blog hopefully on a regular basis. We had to make some sacrifices buying our first home, but it is paying off and we are able to get some of the Luxury’s of life. I never thought The interenet would be such a luxury. Sadie is getting so big and i have so much to share with all of you. So thank you for waiting for these updates and i am so Happy to be back in the Blogging World!
So Here goes nothing!!!