Thursday, April 30, 2009


I LOVE Surprises!!!!
This surprise was the best by far. Adam told me Wednesday night as i was folding the laundry that i should probably have the House clean by the time he gets home from work, and said nothing more. I of coarse asked 20 questions until he finally said, Just wait for tomorrow and stop trying to guess can't you please just stop guessing?!?!
(i love surprises but i'm always trying to guess what it is, am i the only one?)
SO the next day as i was cleaning my house and had way to much time to think i came to the conclusion that my parents were flying to see me i called both my mom's and dad's phone and they were both i was certain they were coming.
But to my SURPRISE it my my good friend Amanda and her little Tessa, Amanda and i have been Best Friends since i moved to Washington when i was 12. It was so fun to have her come and spend the week with me. I got to meet her sweet Tessa who is 11 months old. It was cute to have Tess and Sadie play together, despite the fact that they were both sick they Liked playing together, we have the pictures to prove it!

There was lots of Starring at each other

Tessa is So Adorable and i love that i got to finally meet her!
There was lots of Hugging...some forced for the camera, but there was lots of Love between these future best friends!

They had fun playing with all of Sadie's TOYS and BOOKS

( Tetta )
That's what Sadie called Tessa, It was so cute to her say "UH OH Tetta" or "I Nono Tetta" or her famous taking her Binki and Say "this is Tettas"

YEP! There was Lots of Sadie Swiping Tessa's Binki. What can i say she LOVES Swiper on Dora I guess she can relate to him the most!

My Little Sadie the Swiper

But my favorite was all the SOFT touches. They did that the most and it was so cute to see them exploring each other. Sadie really did well with having a little girl around. She started to share her toys better, and she even let me hold Tessa without it bothering her (too too much)

We did LOTS more then just sit around the House...i just wanted to do separate Post to show all the fun things we did!

I got a new camera!!!!
I am going to be updating my BLOG finally...Sadie is sick with an ear infection and I'm hoping she will sleep so i can Blog. How bad is that?!? Well we have had a LOT going on and I'm excited to Blog about it.