Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sharing Strawberries

I love the red stained lips from the juicy berries. This is Kendyl Adam's cousins little girl. So that makes Sadie and Kendyl second cousins...and Sadie adores her. She just started saying her name really well and when we are at Gams she walks right up to her and says " Hi Kendyl " in her high little voice. She likes to hug her and sit on the couch next to her, and if Kendyl isn't paying attention to Sadie, she starts petting her arm with a BIG smile on her face.
They love each other.

Lazy Summer days Pickin and Eating Strawberries...or buying them from Costco and eating them with cute little girls who like to share them with each other!
Sadie LOVES strawberries and i have an idea why. For most of you that know me really well know that i don't have a sweet tooth...i hate sweets and never eat anything with sugar. But there was this 9 months of time when all i wanted was Strawberries, i would literally walk into the grocery store and smell them, and buy them!
I wish i could enjoy a Strawberry like i once did. Maybe i should get pregnant again just for the Strawberries. They are just too sweet for me and actually i can't eat any fruit for that matter. So for those of you who think i'm LUCKy for not eating Chocolate Cakes Candy's Cookies...feel a little bad that during the summer months when the fruit is oh so yummy i'm missing out on a GOOD thing!
Adam and i are able to sit bit and relax a little bit more these days. Sadie keeps busy playing outside, and there are plenty of kids to run around with. But in all honesty Adam and i relax for about 2 minutes before running after Sadie to keep her from getting into too much trouble!

We DO love our little girl!

Our crazy always on the go getting bigger everyday little Girl!

I'm sorry for all the pictures but now that the weather is warming up outside there are so many cute picture moments. We love lazy Sundays at Gams house. Sadie really loves playing with the little girls and hanging out with grandma and papa. She loves her Gam too!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Picture Perfect

Before i say anything look at this picture of Sadie it is completely candid and my most FAVORITE picture of Sadie EVER. She was outside with Abby playing and fell over and landed in this position and started laughing. I think i need to blow this up and frame it. I LOVE Love LOVE and just think it's the perfect picture! Doesn't it look like she's posing?!?!
Thanks Abby for capturing this Perfect Picture of Sadie you're the BEST

Abby's Home
we are so excited that Abby is here visiting MN this week. She got in early this morning and Sadie and Papa greeted her at the airport while Adam, Jervae and I attended a wedding. Adam's cousin Chuck was married today in the St. Paul Minnesota Temple it was a beautiful wedding and we have LOTs of cute pictures of Sadie dancing and having fun with her FAVORITE auntie ever!
Sadie can say Abby better every time she sees her...she can now say Abba and not the Ba Baa she use to say. Except for now Sadie says Abba whenever Abby's not in the room. Sadie wonders around the house saying Abba?? Abba?? in fact she couldn't even stand to be away from her long enough to take a that resulted in NO NAP! She did pretty good but is sound asleep in her crib ( hopefully all night long )

Sadie Loves Abby. At the reception she spent most of her time...
Smelling the Roses
Holding on to her Daddy
Dancing with all the Little Girls

I had no idea Sadie loved to Dance as much as she does. Recently she has been dancing all the time, and it is so cute to watch. She loved these girls and walked right up to them grabbed there hands and started shaking it was so sweet.

Good to have you back Abby we LOVE it when you come Home and Sadie loves it most of all. Thanks for all these cute pictures.

Friday, May 22, 2009

i apologise for updating and overloading my blog with pictures and videos and long stories. There is lots new going on and i had the time to post so i took full advantage. So scroll down and down some more because i did 5 new post. That is all for today, but i promise there is LOTS more to come.

photo shoot

I'm not a professional photographer...i am far from it. I've learned a thing or two from my dad. I do LOVE taking pictures though and i took some of these pictures of Sadie and really thought they turned out awesome. It was a Sunday evening at Gam's house there is really old barns, tractors, tools and these old wheels in her yard. I really liked taking picture with these props and think i'm going to play around with them some more. How do you like them? Do you have any ideas or tips for me to get some really cute pictures?!? All comments are welcome!

Sadie does not sit still so i don't feel like i got a great picture of this wheel. i just love the sceenery behind it the Farm land to me is beautiful but i don't think i captured that with Sadie in the picture. Still Cute of her though.

This is Sadie and her 2nd cousin Rylie i think these turned out darling

this is my favorite place to take pictures i just think the fence in the background and these old wheels are awesome.

Sadie was having fun on this plow so i think i got some good pictures here Sadie is my favorite model to work with. Even if she doesn't work with me as much as i would like. What kid at this age does?!?

Take Me Out...

To the Ball Game

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year and We LOVE LOVE LOVE going to Twins games
it's more fun with a big group this time we went to the game with Adam's cousins Sarah and Anna and there husbands Nick and Mitch. We had a great time at the game, it's just fun to have a date night away from the kids.

Take me out to the ball game any day. To me this is the perfect date i love watching baseball and i LOVE the twins. This night we all got free white Twins hats don't we look good?

The girls
We sat by our husbands for the first couple of innings and we were getting ignored...who knew guys could talk more then the girls could?!? Then the girls decided to sit together. Girls are totally better then guys are. We had a great time, we really do love this time of year.

The guys

I thought i was taking a picture of Sadie smelling this's a real short video but it's just like her attention span! So it's perfect she is always moving from one thing to the next.

This is Sadie's Favorite way to cool off when she is getting her hair done. She loves to soak herself and it's so cute that she doesn't even care. If i let her she will do this until the bottle was will be the perfect toy when we play outside in the Sunny Sun

(This video is for you Jessica Steveson, your little girl will soon be Lovin it like Sadie)

Mothers Day

A Happy Mothers Day
to all the Mothers...Grandmothers...Great Grandmothers

I had a great mothers day and i hope everyone else did as well! I have to tell you it was a very emotional day for me. Adam woke up with the Flu and Sunday morning and stayed home from Church that day. I teach Relief Society once a month and Mothers Day was my day, it was also Sadie's First day in Nursery!!!!!!!!!!! It was a BIG day and i was not ready for it. With the stress of my lesson and not knowing how Sadie would do was getting to me. I was also going to talk to my Brother which i was so excited for, but it was consuming my every thought...not knowing when he would call?!? Sadie unfortunately was SCARED to death of nursery and was fine that i left at first but then it was OVER. I had to teach my lesson and hear Sadie crying for me! Needless to say....i LOST it in the middle of my lesson. It was really embarrassing trying to teach and being emotional about my daughter. Sadie eventually fell asleep in nursery and i got through my lesson. I ended up talking to my Brother later that night.

I love being a mom and even though Mothers Day is suppose to be a day of rest for Mothers i enjoyed spending every second with Sadie and i LOVED it. Being a mother is the greatest calling and i feel so Blessed to have the little girl i do. I love being a stay at home mom and spending the most important times with her. Because it was Sadie's first day in nursery she made me a Mothers Day picture : ) i will keep it FOREVER i love it so much and it's the first thing she has ever made for me, so it's pretty special to me! Yes it's on the fridge.

I just wanted to show off the art work! And i got this cute picture of her handing it to me as she said: "Love You MOM" Does it get any better then that?

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Gams for a potluck of yummy food lots of Laughs. It was so fun to be able to spend the day with my Mother-in-Law and Gam. I Love that i am so close to my in-Laws i Love Adams family and these women are strong and are Great Mothers. Sadie is lucky to live close to them she gets Lots of LOVE.

A Happy Mothers Day to my Mother! I haven't seen since November, it's really so hard to be so far from them. But we try to see each other as often as we can. I love my Mother and wish i could have spent this Mothers Day with her it would have made it really special for me.

She is a great Mom and an even better Grandma and LOVES Sadie more then anything. I Love my Grandma and know it's been a long time since these pictures were taken. But i LOVE them and love honoring these women on this most Special of Days

Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers

Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday Mornings

I love Adam and i just wanted to Say what a great daddy i think he is. I know this is Mothers Day weekend but this is all about Daddy for now. Adam sometimes wakes up with Sadie on Saturday Mornings so i can sleep in a little! He is very sweet and it's AMAZING what even an hour more of sleep can do for me, any way this last Saturday Sadie was up extra early and had quite an eventful morning. I want to Break this down for your enjoyment

6:30 am : Sadie woke up and was soaked from a full diaper so dad had to change her in fresh new p j's and gave Sadie her morning sippy of milk she LOVES so much. Adam thought she would LOVE it even more if he added Hersey's Chocolate syrup to her milk

7:00 am : I wake up to the sound of Bath Water, The Washing Machine and The Dryer. I went downstairs to find Sadie had thrown up all the Chocolate Milk all over her and daddy. I said poor Sadie you didn't like your milk and Adam replies, " NO she loved it she drank it so fast!!"
About an hour has passed

8:00 am : Adam comes upstairs with Sadie and says :( She threw up again!!! I was worried and asked what happen, to that Adam replied...i gave her more Chocolate Milk. SERIOUSLY?!?!? And then this is seriously what happened next. Adam said Sadie i'm going to give you some fruit snacks!
I thought it was funny and i had to ask my husband if we could maybe LAY OFF the sugar so early in the morning? Just Maybe
Babe I LOVE you and I love how you help me with Sadie on the weekends, really i didn't do this Post to embarrass my Husband... i just thought this would be a fun story to share with all of you! ( I'm sure we all have similar stories ) Sadie LOVES her daddy and i think she looks forward to Saturday's with Dad!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Everything Good must come to an end
After a long day at the mall the next day we laid low at Adam's parents house. We took pictures Amanda and i went out to Breakfast and overall we had a really great week. We were both very sleep deprived and had to take care of sick girls long after they went home.

Bye bye Tettas!! Sadie misses her friend!

The next day Sadie woke up not knowing where Tessa went...i told her she went home, that followed with Home Home Tettas HOME Tettas?!?

Our Girls really were cute together

I will miss my friends but are grateful for the new memories we have together with our kids. Thanks for the great time. I love you Amanda!

for the LOVE of Pablo

Yes Pablo the penguin on the show the Backyardagains, he is her favorite character and when she saw the LIFE size characters she was freaking out, saying Pablo Pablo UH OH Pablo. She stood in the bench and just looked at him, UH OH Pablo pointing and smiling, I really should have taken a video of it. I have to say we had a more enjoyable time shopping when the girls were able to play around in the theme park for a while.

Is this not the best picture of Sadie and Pablo! It totally looks like she is posing with her hand on the bench looking at me the way she is. I think i need to frame this picture either that or send it in to Nickelodeon and see if i can win some kind of contest!

Yes we even found his face on a sign and she was all over that!

She really is so sweet and i love seeing Sadie so happy, Holding Tessa Teddy just watching the swings go around. My little Girl is growing up

And a mini merry-go-round i didn't even put money in the thing Sadie just went from one horse to the next, having the time of her life!

This is a Shout Out to Uniqua Sadie calls her ( Eeka ) She loves Uniqua too. How cute are these statues of the Backyardagains?