Wednesday, July 29, 2009

.LEAF LAKE 2009.
Our Family Reunion was last week and we had such a fun time
Despite the Fact that i was cold most of the week...bundled up in sweat pants and sweatshirts that's not much Fun to me.

I didn't take too many pictures this year, i just enjoyed chasing Sadie to the water and back to the cabin. I think she LOVED the lake. We played with all the little girls her age and she couldn't get enough of that. Being outside is one of Sadie's MOST favorite things to do...she can't get enough of that. It was a fun week all in all. Abby and Reed were there so our entire Family was there together this hasn't happened in i don't know how long! It was great to spend time with all of Adam's extended Family too!

this is a picture of Gam and her Great Grand Children not all of them were there but in total there are 35. Someone should have taken a picture of the parents yelling and doing whatever to get our child's attention for a great was pretty laughable

Sunday is my favorite day at the Lake. We all go to this small church where Adam's Grandpa and other relatives are buried. It's really a special day to have church program with our family. Adam told Sadie this is where his Papa is buried, it was a great day when we can share our family history with our children and pass down traditions likes these.

Sadie Kendyle and Molly and Rylie playing in the Sand together. It ws so hard for me to get any pictures of all the little girls they were always on the move and never in the same place at the same time. Sadie had her lifejacket on almost all the time...we could always expect her to book it to the dock and we couldn't always get her in time. She could have spent the entire week walking on and off the dock, it was so fun to her.

Sadie swam LOTS when it was warm enough she was pretty scared to go in too far so i was really fun watching her run in the sand and back in the water over and over again! She Loves to jump off of this time it was the dock and Abby was right there to help her. We love auntie Abby

..We LOVE uncle Reed too..

It took Sadie a little bit to warm up to Reed but all week she knew she could go to him for Chocolate...he was her favorite person when he gave her what she wanted. It is so fun to see them together and i miss that Reed is so far away at school.

he is enjoying a turkey leg at the moment YUMMY

i think that is what the LAKE is known for the most...the


Dancing with Abby. Sadie really loves music and gets her dance on even at 10 o'clock at night. Sadie was a little sleep deprived over the week vacation but she did so good staying up late and the Lake only comes once a year we let her live it up!

It was so late but Sadie just kept dancing it made us laugh so hard. I love my little girl and love the age she's at right now she always keeps my days interesting

We didn't do much fishing at the Lake this year, but Adam and i were able to go out one night just the two of us. I like that the most. It is so peaceful at night watching the sunset on the water and hearing the fish jump. I caught three Sunny's that night so i felt pretty proud of myself. The things i cherish being with my husband fishing on a beautiful Lake in Minnesota

Our year as the Three of us at Leaf Lake was amazing a time we will look back on and be happy we took time out of our busy life to relax spend time with family and carry out long lived Family traditions. I love this tradition and feel so lucky to be apart of a Family with so much love in it.

{ Sadie's Favorite Things }
....Thanks to my mom and dad...
.Marry Poppins
.Cheese Burgers
.riding in the car playing a grandma on one side a papa on the other
.honking noses Saying AWOOGA!!!
. the fact that she now knows she has 2 papa's
.singing how much is that doggy in the window
.swimming in the deep end at the pool
.2 grandma's
.swimming in the Mississippi

.turning patting Up Down with her friends the Little Einsteins

.jumping into the pool without any fear

.excising with grandma
.riding the escalator in the airport

.when her grandma and papa come to visit

not when they leave


thanks for coming to visit us

.we hadn't seen them since last Thanksgiving.

there was a lot to catch up on. Sadie had changed so much since then and it was fun to see her with my parents again. She warmed up and LOVED that she has
2 Papa'S and 2 Grandma'S
[as she says all the time]
We did so much when they came this time, because the weather was warmer we did things mostly outdoors. We drove Lake Itasca to see the Start of the Mississippi and it was Amazing to be able to see where it all started from. My dad LOVES seeing things like this and taking pictures of it all. It was a beautiful State park and we enjoyed spending the weekend there.

We got to do some hiking around the State park for the day have a picnic play at a Park and lots of swimming in the cold cold river. When we got back to St. Cloud we did some more swimming and playing at the park. Luckily we had the hottest week of the summer and my parents loved it. We played hard but worked hard too. My amazing talented dad agreed to help us out by painting our house for us! It looks great

{ Thanks MOM and DAD }

for all your hard work and for spending the week with us we miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Belated Birthday Surprise

When i got back from Kentucky i wanted to do a few more things for Adam's Birthday. I did some shopping and found a really cute table cloth and bought some new dishes which i haven't done in a while and it was fun to set the Table all fancy and enjoy a romantic dinner together...after he had a little scavenger hunt for the

We had our Favorite Salmon dinner and had a really nice time...and then Adam was off to Softball for the rest of the night while i cleaned up and put Sadie to bed. The next day we went to the park down by the Mississippi river and had a picnic and had fun running around the park with Sadie which is her most favorite thing to do. I love picnic's and i wish summer could last longer...summer's going by way too fast.

Sadie's mouth full of food on the run toward the Park. She is always going GOING going, such a busy little Girl we have!!!

We {LOVE} you Adam & Hope you had the Best Birthday

where do i start

I know i haven't updated my blog in a while but this Summer has been busy like most of yours i'm sure. We have had visitor's taken trips and had a family reunion last week. I have hardly been home or inside long enough to sit at the computer. I have so much to catch up on and i can't believe it's taken me this long to post my visit to

{ Kentucky }

oh how i miss my Ole Kentucky home and the People there.
Sadie and i were lucky enough to visit our friends the first week in June and stay for about a week at Becky and Jared's house with Connor and Jackson. Sadie loved playing with her Boys. It had been over a year since i had been back to visit and i just couldn't take it anymore and needed to see my Friends

One day we all got together at Ali's house and had the kids play outside and swim, while some moms made really cute summer tote bags ( i wish i could be as crafty as these mom's ) We had a yummy lunch and i had so much fun seeing everyone and their adorable kids. So much had changed since i had been there last

The kids did lots of running around outside, taking baths, watching movies and cuddling on the couch. Sadie was so cute with Jackson they are little buddies


I was excited for our Trip to the Zoo it's always a treat when going with your own personal tour guide Connor Man. It was a hot day but the kids loved it. I even met a new friend Michelle and her two handsome guys came to the zoo with us. Sadie was a little scared of the Splash pad but i still got some cute shots

Getting ready for Connor's last Soccer game of the season! Way to go Connor you were so fast out there.

On the last night together Jackson and Sadie both LOVE toy story 2 and watched it until they passed out. I thought these pictures were so funny of the two of them

i loved getting together with everyone. One night the husbands took a break from studying and we all played beach Volleyball. I was so much fun and it really made me miss living in Kentucky hanging out with all our old friends like that.

The week ended with a girls night to Applebee's half price Appetizers YUMMY

Thanks for the amazing trip we love you and miss you all...hopefully next time Adam can come with.
Love you Becky thanks again for the Great week, it really felt like old times. We can't wait that long until next time we see each other i just can't handle it. I love all of my Kentucky Girls and wish i could be there with all of y'all all the time!