Monday, October 26, 2009

look who{s} 2


had a birthday....

shout hurray!!!!!
{we sang.ate too many sweets.opened presents}


{Miss} Sadie Marie

We LOVE you oh so much! You have Blessed our Family for two years now. Thanks for being your Sassy Sadie self we LOVE you just the way you are!!!
[more..MORE..more to come]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been meaning to post pictures of our new painted house, well since my parents came in May to help us do it. My dad is a Very talented painter and he took a [non-vacation] to help paint our house. We did get to do some other fun things, it just happened to be the HOTTEST week of the summer they were there...that was FUN


When i lived in Kentucky i saw a house that was a dark tan with white trim and Black shutters. I fell in LOVE love LOVE with it and told Adam if we ever paint this is what i want. Well i never liked the green color of our house! So i think now it looks SO much better.

I love how it turned out

It's amazing what shutters new lights a new garage door and some paint Can do for a House!

This is our home. I love being a home owner and really feel lucky to have to place to call Ours

...A GREAT big THANKS...
[THANK YOU][thank you][Thank You] to my MOM and {DAD} for all your hard work in helping us make the house look so GREAT. We all {LOVE}love [Love] You!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sadie's First day of
... Gymnastics ...

.I signed Sadie up for a Mommy and Me Gymnastics class.

LOVE love LOVE {s} Gymnastics

It is the first time she has done something like this, it was fun for the both of us and now that it's getting colder outside its just perfect.

Tiny Tumblers was so such an adorable little studio. I love the floor, it was so CUTE! There were flower squares they stood on to do stretches, what a great idea! Sadie liked her teacher Kelly, she would be in the middle of helping Sadie over this rolling tube thing and Sadie just looked up at her and said "hi" it was pretty cute. She did good waiting her turn which really surprised me, she actually enjoyed watching the other kids have their turn.

YA!!!! She is finally learning to take turns and share!

This is 'The Bar' and it was probably Sadie's most FAVORITE thing at Gymnastics. When we first got there i hardly had time to take off my shoes...Sadie was already swinging like a monkey showing off. I think gymnastics is just right for Sadie, she seems like a natural. As a mom i think that's pretty awesome!

She just did a flip around the bar for the first time ever, she had the BIGGEST smile on her face and was holding herself at the top. Her little arms were shaking she was trying so hard. It is fun to see her do new things.

Go Sadie GO! Thanks to Adam for taking all these cute shots of Sadie. It was Columbus day and Adam had it off [ i LOVE that he works federal ] he also took some video clips...It was fun for him to be there and see Sadie enjoy the gym as much as she did!

This is a six week session, many cute pictures to COME!

Monday, October 12, 2009

{ I'm Pregnant }
. number two is on the way...

We are so excited to add another little one to our family. It is hard to believe Sadie is getting BIG enough for us to have another child. But it is happening and we feel ready.
We can not wait until this little
[ BOY ]

joins our family at the end of February.
[I love your kicks and ways you let me know your there, i can't wait to see your face and hold you for the first time. You will be our little Boy and you belong with us in our family]
We Just wanted to Share our great News with everyone!!


Reed Plays Football

But according to Sadie now that she's seen Uncle Reed in action...she thinks he plays every sport and that he is everywhere. When we are in the car and drive pass a soccer, baseball or football game she Screams..."GO REED"!!! She is a little cheerleader and LOVES watching her Uncle play sports, she thinks you're great Reed!

We got to spend a very short weekend with Reed. Adam's Parents Abby and us all flew to Utah to watch Reed play a game of football. Sadie was very excited to fly on an airplane with mom dad AND papa grandma! She thought she was the luckiest girl in the world. I was more then happy to have the Help with Sadie so i could focus on more important not hurling on the plane while the Lady next to me was squeezing my hand for dear life Hoping she would not DIE on the plane! It was very entertaining for the row next to me (Adam and his parents) they couldn't help but laugh out loud a little, i wish they would have taken a picture of it.

After Reeds Game we ate at a yummy all you can eat Brazilian restaurant in Provo. It was so good to have the entire family together. We even got together with some old friends. Noelle was my old roommate and her husband Zac was Adam's really close friend. They let us stay with them in Provo and we spent the weekend with them, catching up and having our girls play together! Emrie is adorable and Sadie to this day still talks about her. She tells me Emrie is in Idaho like everyday, it's pretty cute! She misses her Friend

It was so much fun to see Noelle and Zac to and catch up with them and to meet miss Emrie. She is such a great mom and i love her little girl.

Sadie knows Reed's in Utah too and when we get in the car we ask her where she wants to go she says, "Utah to see Reed"
It's so fun now that Sadie is getting older and she i starting to understand more things. She is getting so smart we just LOVe her!

Higher and Higher

Sadie found a pair of Winter boots at a garage sale my neighbor and i were doing...from the day she found them, she insisted on wearing them EVERYDAY and i mean everyday. Her feet were so sweaty and smelly i had to his them until winter. Which is now, in October it's snowing and in the 30's it's just not right!
Someone let balloons go in the sky, and Sadie was mesmerized by them, she watched them fly higher and higher until she couldn't see them anymore and was very disappointed they had disappeared. She has been watching and loving Little Einsteins and she call the balloons Annie's Balloons. She spent the next couple days going outside and looking for the balloons seeing if her Annie balloons were back in the sky!

a visit to see
{ Papa Paul and Grandma Sue }

Sadie and i took a trip to California for a visit in August. We enjoyed the sunny warm weather by the ocean and even took a trip to Sea World. This was the first time i have visited California since my parents had moved from Seattle. I miss Seattle, and yes i even miss the rain, it's sad that i won't be going back to Washington to visit my parents...BUT in the very cold snowy Minnesota Winter Cali will be a well needed vacation and i am looking forward to that escape!
...We ate at In and Out...
Yumm Yumm It was so good!

Sadie's first time in the Ocean. I was surprised to find she doesn't like getting dirty, and the sand sticking to every part of her body freaked her out! She liked the water but she enjoyed the playground on the beach more then the waves.

It was beautiful at Ocean Side. We spent the weekend there, ate LOTS of yummy food and walked along the pier. Sadie Loved that most of all.

I also got to take a trip to the San Diego Temple with my dad. That was a special night for us as Daddy and daughter and i will hold it close to me and remember that night as my favorite things i did this trip.

After the short weekend we spent the rest of our trip at my parents house in Fontana. It is a gorgeous house and Sadie got to swim and play outside in the kiddy pool and in the waterfall...she found out that was more fun then the pool we had set out for her!

My dad's Brother my Uncle Rick and Aunt Luann live about an hour from my parents, they made the drive for some Sunday dinner to meet Sadie and see me. I hadn't seen them since i was a Senior in High School. It was great to see them and visit that evening. I love these pictures i got of them with Sadie. Luann picked out an adorable princess outfit for Sadie, which is perfect because Sadie is ALL about the princess thing right now.

Sadie happily accepting her gift

Our visits are always too short but it's fun to be able to make them happen whenever we can! I was pretty sick most of the trip and promised myself i will never travel again alone with Sadie while pregnant as long as i can help it! Not fun for mom or baby.