Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sadie marie

Sadie's been saying that ever since the snow started falling outside and she thinks it's the funniest thing to say to me. And yes she threw snowballs at me all day!
It has been a very cold winter. Sadie hasn't gone outside much to play in the snow, with the very low tempuratures and a 8month pregnant mommy we play lots in doors!

Saturady was gorgoeus day to be outdoors so with Daddy's [help] we went to the park to PLAYintheSNOW

I don't know who had more fun but i can tell you i was the first one to get tired. Sadie could play all day in the snow...though she spent most of her time
{ Eating the Snow }

Sadie is especailly 2 these days and is my busy busy little girl. I almost can't even believe she is going to be a {BIG.SISTER} in a month. She is growing up so fast and is getting to be oh so


we never know what she is going to get with our very own Sadie Marie. But somethings i want to remember about her:

pointing at mommy's belly she said
" that's where Crew lives...can i touch it? Oh it's nice and warm for him in there! Can i get in? "

then she proceeded to try to climb into the top of my stomach i told her it would be better if she just gave him a kiss and told him to come out soon!
She seems to do that lots these days. I am trying to prepare her for his arrival and hope she mommy's little helper and adjusts well to the new addition that will soon come to our family.

...reed had a birthday...
having a Birthday right after Christmas means we are in town to celebrate [and] humiliate TEXAS.roadhouse.STYLE we had too much fun at the restaurant it got a little rowdy

Sadie didn't seem to mind it much

Sadie gets lots of attention when Reed and Abby are in town. We LOVE having family around we always seem to have a good time. It always goes by too fast. Thanks for having a birthday and sharing it with Sadie!

[WE LOVE YOU and miss you uncle REED]


we hate that you are not always around butLOVEwhenYOUare

and hope you had the happiest birthday of all

at Gams house

Sadie was so done taking pictures when it came to Adam and I

eating a little something before the madness begins

Opening her Presents

Sadie's new Cinderella doll
just {One} of her favorites of the Day!

She loved everything and she got spoiled and for
the next 3 days when she woke up she thought it was time to open more presents!

cheers to twenty ten

...i could not believe this girl...

Sadie stayed up not only to see the ball drop

she didn't fall asleep until after 1am?!?!
she was doing so good not cranky at all...pretty hyper probably from all the sugar and watched Cinderella on her DVD player

[the monkey bread gone wrong]

coming down from the sugar hangover

with more sugar! She has a nice hot bath and a cookie with milk to start off her morning. She even took a good nap that day and was not very cranky,

{i recommend sugar in the morning after being up half the night do to mass amounts of sugar}

...We had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year...

we hope it was Merry and Bright for all of you

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Santa's Little Helper

so maybe not Santa's helper but...
Mommy's little helper

She has been quite the helper around the house and if i don't want her getting into [ EVERYTHING ] then i have to involve her

The dishes are one of her most favorite things to help with

Sadie had her hand resting behind her back for the longest time! It was so sweet but i'm not sure where she got that one from but she was very focused in what she was doing!

Sadie's also been

Mommy's little sleeper

the Holidays are busy busy busy and Sadie has been really tuckered out lately again falling asleep in the most Random places. Hallways...Bathrooms anywhere she feels like crashing! It sure beats me having to put her down for a nap.