Thursday, February 25, 2010

[ look who's here ]

Crew Michael Hornung

Crew weighed in at a [not] so little 9lbs. 2oz. and 20in. long
We couldn't {LOVE} him more

Saturday, February 20, 2010

{39 weeks}

and it feels more like 49 weeks at this point

but he's still kicking

and i am convinced that i cannot be more uncomfortable then i am at this point! At my last doctors appointment they said i gained 5lbs in water weight!!!!!!!!!!!

my feet and ankles are HUGE and i am feeling the pressure. My doctor told me that if my water is going to break it is going to gush all over...that's awesome so now the one thought in my head is when are where is this going to happen to me? I don't just want to stay at home all week waiting to have this baby.


the good news is that they are inducing me on Wednesday the 24th, that is if he doesn't come sooner on his own. We are just waiting...for now!

Last night our neighbors watched Sadie for us so Adam and i could go on a one last date before we become parents of 2. We had a great time, the night started with a Pedicure for ME, my feet might look like an Elephants right now, but my toes are cute! Everyone needs a good pedi before going into labor.RIGHT?! Then we went to dinner and i ate something spicy and didn't get sick, that was one of the first times this pregnancy i was able to go out to eat and not get sick...ahhh the end is near! Then we saw the Movie


and we absolutely LOVED.LOVED.LOVE it!

It was really great just being with Adam doing things we love doing together. We both know the demands of a newborn and how we lose some of our freedom but we gain so much in return. It is so worth it. Let this baby come

[Love You Babe]

thanks for the night

More decorating ideas

...i'm thinking of putting this in the Nursery over Crew's crib...

It's vinyl lettering i would put on a painted canvus to add some demention to the wall.

here is a little sneak peak of Sadie's big girl bed and the beginnings of the new Nursery. I don't have it complete yet there is still lots more to do. But i do LOVE decorating and i'm having fun doing a room for each of my little ones
{ Sadie's Big girl bed }
Sadie really loves showing off her bed. She has never slept better and has adjusted to a bigger room just fine. As long as it was painted pink she was happy.
nap time is a the only challenge and i'm sure most of you would agree with me. When i leave the room she leaves the bed and plays until she passes out on the floor somewhere. I wait until she is fast asleep then i transfer her back into bed. I can't complain it's working out great...for now

{ the Nursery }

the Rocker

more to come as we get it done!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sadie Marie
she's not my baby anymore and she is all moved out of her
i realized i never posted any pictures of her old room. So here it is
{better late then never}RIGHT?!?

{disclaimer} picture overload...most of these are for me so i can remember

Sadie's Crib
i had a tan pink and chocolate brown theme for her nursery and really loved how simple and sweet it turned out.

I made these animal cut outs with cordinating paper and put them into frames to add something by the tree on the wall

the changing table

i used the same paper as the animals to cover this cardboard 'S' i love how it turned out

the rug

sadie's pictures
i also painted a darker pink circle behind the three pictures

the window and rocker

we found this rocker on craigslist (actually all of the furnutre is from 3 different people on craigslist and it all came together i think) Jervae recoverd the cushsions and we took a recieving blanket from the crib set and made a matching pillow and buttons to go on it!
my dad made these cutom book shelves to help store all of Sadie's books. It is low enough that she can get them in and out herself. One of my favorite things in this room!

over the closets we have extra storage enclosed by closet doors. I took the doors off and used the extra space to add some fun things!

It was a sweet Nursery i am really going to miss having Sadie that little. It is going to be redecorated for the little boy coming to our family
[it BETTER be a BOY]
and it will be his Nursery...Sadie's all moved into her big girl room, she's out of the crib and into her BIG girl bed...and LOVES it!
Just in time for the new baby to come! Just what i wanted.
February has been
I turned the big 24

and went out to celebrate with my husband at a cute little Italian place in St. Cloud and enjoyed the evening just the TWO of us. Then we planned on watching a movie at home...but i ended up falling asleep while Adam gave me a foot massage! The perfect way to end my


Thanks Adam for the night!


I had an adorable Baby shower thrown for me! It was a cute Jungle theme and was all about my Little 'Man Cub' coming soon! The food was amazing and presented to well.
the adorable jungle animal cupcakes

the yummy food

the FUN!!!

{ a big THANKS to everyone at my Little Man Cubs baby shower }


did i mention I'm getting BIGGER

but so is She...

sadie has been so cute these day's and i can really tell she is growing up fast. I think she might be growing. She has been eating all the time and is sleeping so well in her BIG girl bed, all night long! I took her to my doctor's apt the other day and put her on the scale. Sadie weighs 29lbs. What a BIG girl. I kept asking sadie how much she weighs and her response every time was

{ ummm umm... twenty 2 minutes}

She has grown into her own imagination and i can catch her playing on her own...READING BOOKS out loud to herself, talking to her ANIMAL FRIENDS laughing and giggling, playing with her TOY school bus talking for the little people and answering for them! It's really sweet to catch her in these moments it makes mom very happy.

She has become Quite the Quoter around the house...too much TV and Movies? Hey i am 9 months pregnant!!!! One of my favorites is this:

{ "Mommy, mommy i have to tell you something...your my beeest Friend!" sadie marie }

i think it's from tinker bell or something, but at least for now, she thinks i'm her best friend and that's all i care about (not sure how long that will last)

I'm trying to ENJOY my every minute with Sadie before her little Brother comes along

February's [NOT] over yet...this boy is due to come... [SOON]

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and BOY do i want to have this BOY

i am feeling ready. ready to have this baby already. not much longer to go. it could be any day now, but that's just wishful thinking on my part.

...Papa Mikey had a birthday...

Sadie LOVES a birthday and there have been many to start off the year! she knows they are all about


we celebrated at our most FAVORITE italian place for dinner

then it was back to papa's house for ice cream
{this Girl seriously can't get enough}


Happy Birthday Papa Mikey [thanks for being such a good father and papa to Sadie]