Monday, March 29, 2010

beautiful moments

Sadie {meeting} Crew for the first time

In the Hospital she walked in my room and said, "where's my Best Friend Crew?" and she.s been saying it ever since. this picture we were Bring Crew home, she just stared at him! Sadie really is the

Sadie loves her little brother. It is so sweet seeing her with Crew i love how much she Loves him. She has many names for Crew:
little Brother.My best friend Crew. MOOSE. buddy. CREWS[er]

As i was putting Sadie to bed one night, singing to her we heard Crew crying.
Sadie's response to that was:
"THE MOOSE IS HUNGRY!" me: i started laughing {hard} then she said, "the MOOSE is hungry isn't he?"
(i want to remember that forever)

This was the first Sunday i was back from the hospital with Crew. When Adam and Sadie came home from church it was the PERFECT opportunity to take some family pictures {with out me of course} I think they are beautiful moments and i am so glad i captured them on camera. Crew is 5 days old in these shots and is getting more adorable the older he gets.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Crew Michael Hornung

Welcoming to this world
[Crew Michael Hornung]

is here and he came
[FAST] [i'm sharing my delivery story mostly for ME to remember]

Adam got some great shots of Crew after delivery and we got a bigger baby then we had expected. I was carrying a 9lb baby and had no idea. That must have been all the pressure i had been feeling, especially at the end. So when he came out and i saw how HUGE he actually was i understood why i was in the pain i was in! There was no room for him inside me...poor guy

MONDAY February 22ND

7:00 pm : Cooking dinner and i was really excited to eat it. Creamy Wild Rice soup (i got the recipe for my friend and love it so much) i had planned all of our meals for the week. I got really organized and all prepared for Crew's arrival. I was READY!!! I had been feeling weird all day and extra tired, it took all my energy to get up stairs and pick up Sadie to put her to bed. I knew he was coming that day but didn't say anything. Like i said i had organized and prepared everything. I was


over the weekend i cleaned out every closet, storage room and dusted, swept in every corner, got rid of junk i didn't need, re-organized EVERYTHING you could think of...i was busy busy waiting for this little guy to get here. I had done everything, but i still had the kitchen floor to mop. I'm telling you it was BAD i had been putting that off it was the last thing i needed to do. but Monday i was so tired i didn't bother to make it a priority...i SLEPT instead

{Oh how i LOVE sleep}

After i had made dinner we sat down as a family to eat. I felt a wave hit me and i was SICK, i felt like the room was spinning and i was going to lose my dinner. I told Adam i needed to lay down, so i did and enjoyed a nice little nap.

8:00 pm : i woke up with a contraction strong but short and noticed Sadie on the bed with me watching Pocahontas. I kept my mouth shut and was trying to keep track of the contractions on my own. Thinking they would fade away like they always had. But then i found them lasting a lot longer then they ever had before.

8:30 pm : i told Adam i was having contractions and i wanted him to time them. His was excited i could tell. He got Sadie ready for bed the fastest I've ever seen him do it. Sadie's teeth were brushed, jammies were on, story was read and she was really asleep all in a half hours time[he is a great dad] and Sadie went down without a fight. The night was going great!

9:00 pm : i knew i was in labor! My contractions were now every 5 minutes apart and lasted about a minute. I got out of bed and had this energy hit those of you who know me, and know me well i started cleaning : ) well because i love to clean and have everything Perfect. I started to clean up the kitchen dinner mess and start mopping my floors. Adam looked at me like i was crazy but asked what he could do to help, What a guy. I had told him early in the pregnancy that i didn't want to rush to the hospital like i did with Sadie. We sat there all night and nothing was progressing and they ended up inducing me the next morning. I was more comfortable at home in my element doing my own thing i didn't want to walk the halls of the hospital. So i cleaned Adam folded the last of the laundry and put it all away. [again faster then I've ever seen him do it before] i like this side of my husband

10:00 pm : i had been cleaning in between contractions every once in a while bending over the counter taking the pain, but really not feeling like it was all that bad! {YET} now i was having contractions about 4 minutes apart sometime 3 and then 5 minutes again. So i really wanted to keep waiting. We live 2 minutes from the hospital so i knew we would be fine to keep waiting. I scrubbed my kitchen floors by this time and still felt good...Adam took a shower and we packed him a little bag of stuff for him and we were very excited this was the night our Baby Boy was coming. I think he was nervous though and wanted me to call to see when i should go in to the hospital. It felt like time. They told me to come in and get checked out! We called our cousin Mitch to come over until Grandma could make her way up if i was really having this baby tonight!

11:00 pm : checked into the hospital after getting stuck in the parking garage for almost 20 minutes. Adam drove all the way to the top so we could take the sky way to the ER. But it closes after hours. So we for some reason took the STAIRS all the way down thinking we could get out that way! We got stuck and for a second i thought we were going to have this baby in the stair well. I began to make fun of Adam though i told him we could go park together and walk maybe wasn't the BEST idea of t he night. Adam ended up going to get the car and found me on some level in the garage, and we were off the find the ER entrance...which he couldn't find. He got out of the car TWO times and every door he tried was Locked! He was panicking and i was laughing. My contractions were getting stronger but still about every 5 minutes apart. I dialed the hospital number and Adam finally just asked where to take me. I told Adam he should have done a practice run...he didn't respond. So we found the door and he parked door open car running[i think?] and got inside. Checked in, went upstairs, gown on, and Adam got called out because he was blocking the Ambulance garage and needed to move the car IMMEDIATELY!

11:30 pm : They asked me to Rate my pain, i told them i was a wimp and that i was probably at an 8. They were getting stronger now, but i thought i would only be dilated to about a 3 and have a LONG way to go. To my shock the nurse said, "you're not a wimp, you're dilated to a 6." Just then Adam walked into the room, i told him i was at a 6. The nurse asked me if i wanted an epidural


I walked into my delivery room and [NOT] so patiently waited for the anesthesiologist to get there to give me my epidural. He took forever and now my pain was at a 10 and i was having contractions about every 2 to 3 minutes apart. And they HURT! I hated the anesthesiologist he was a jerk and the epidural was pretty painful. He told me it would probably take about 5 to 10 minutes for it to kick.


12: 30 pm : The nurse checked me and i was DONE completely dilated and they said i was going to be pushing and she went to get the Doctor. At this point i lost it, i became very overwhelmed and just didn't expect this to have happened this quickly. I was also scared because i was not at all NUMB and could feel every contraction and my back labor was extremely painful. But i had no other choice. The doctor came in she broke my water, and i pushed oh the pain! I NEVER EVER EVER wanted a natural child birth it was my biggest fear and i had been having nightmares about this exact moment for weeks. But it was happening, and luckily after 13 minutes he was here!

12:41 am February 23rd 2010

My pain was gone. It is such an amazing feeling to hold your new little one. Words can't describe the joy and love you instantly feel when this moment happens. Every minute was worth it, and nothing seems to matter in the world but what i am now holding in my arms. Adam and i cried.

After i delivered and everything was slowly sinking in, i asked the nurse why i still wasn't numb and why the epidural never kicked in. I think they didn't tell me on purpose that they never turned on the drip it was too late for...After actually getting the epidural they never turned it on, i wouldn't have bothered getting the epidyral if i never had time to enjoy the benefits of it. I know if i had gone in earlier to the hospital i could have avoided all of this...but in the end I have my Baby Boy. He is perfect and healthy and i survived and am recovering faster and feeling great. I told Adam that i was only in the WORST pain of my life for about 45 minutes, and if he could guarantee me that it could be that short every time...maybe i could do it again. just [MAYBE]

We love our Baby Boy Crew

welcome to our Family little guy