Tuesday, October 26, 2010

...living near...

[Papa Mike] & {Grandma Jervae}

We are lucky to live close to Adam's Parents and are able to spend lots of time with them. We love Hanging out at their house, swinging in their back yard, reading with Grandma and well Eating we love all the yummy food we eat when we are together!

{Living close}

also means lots of FUN and a sometimes {CRAZY} visits from Aunt Abby and Uncle Reed

Adam's brother Reed is in Utah playing football....so unfortunately we don't get to see him often. But when he is in town for a visit we always have FUN with him. Good luck with football

Abby on the other hand lives in Chicago and we love when she decides to come spend a weekend at home. She always comes with cute clothes and surprises for her niece and new nephew. We love when she comes home to visit!

She spoils my kids rotten....and we LOVE you for it!!!

and i {Love} having her as my sister.

We are so blessed and i am grateful for everyone in my life that i call Family

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Abby said...

Jenn this post made me teary-eyed. I love you so much and I am absolutely crazy about your kids...wish we could live closer, but I'm thankful that I live at least this close.