Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's been WAY [way] way too Long since i last posted on my Family Blog!!! 
I am hoping to get to it more often and stay connected. 
It's been well Years since my last post and i am ready to jump in with
 photo's and stories and updates on our little family of


Sadie Marie
is now {4} years old and she is 100% a GIRLY girl

 Crew Michael

(is not our little baby anymore) He's 2 and is 100% a BOYS boy

 our KIDS bring us so much happiness and craziness but we couldn't LOVE them more 
They are total opposites from each other. It is fun to see them interact, play, talk to and even fight with each other. They are really close and so cute together. 

But the ages FOUR and TWO are just well

through all the CRAZINESS and the LOVE we are still holding hands


Charlene said...

Welcome Back!! It will be great to see your kids once again and hear all the amazing stories from MN!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay Jenn! I am so excited to see pics of your cute family and hear stories of your kids. Your family is so adorable!